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This team of talented and conscientious legal professionals, headed by Lourdes Aguilar de Rowley, are dedicated to making this the best law firm in Panama. Their professional experience and creativity often produce solutions to problems that were not at first obvious.

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Legal Practice Areas .

The firm has specialist lawyers in most areas of legal practice.

Lourdes Rowley and the team are all Panamanian lawyers, most of whom also possess specialized law masters degrees from Europe or the USA, and all have a wealth of professional experience.

Specialized Lawyers .

Contact us via our website inquiry form or by telephone and we'll soon know the right lawyer to allocate to you from within our Panama law firm.

If you don't see the area of legal practice listed that your situation would require, then please contact and describe your current position in complete confidentiality. If it's outside of our areas of expertise then we'd have no hesitation in referring you on to other lawyers or Panama law firms.

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  •     Contracts
  •     Breach of Contract
  •     Outsourcing
  •     Franchising
  •    Unfair Competition
  •     E-Commerce
  •     Incorporation and Legal Structure
  •     Mergers and Acquisitions
  •     Taxation
  •     Bankruptcy
  • ®     Copyright of Creative Works
  • ©     Commercial Copyright
  •     Trademarks and Brand Protection
  •     Patents
  •     Infringement & Related Claims
  •       Trade Secrets
  •     Database Rights
  •     Privacy and Data Protection
  •      Social Media Law
  •     Domain Disputes
  •     Cybersquatting
  •     Online Reputation Management
  •     Defamation
  •     We deliver a comprehensive legal strategy that addresses corporate, trademark, branding, internet, capital formation, employment and other issues likely to arise within a new business.
  •     Trusts
  •     Charities
  •     Tax Free Organizations
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  •     Costly litigation can often be avoided by employing a dispute resolution process. We’ll pursue this cost effective solution for you wherever it is in your best interests.
  •     Vision to see beyond the conflicts …
  • Our experience as both plaintiff and defense counsel gives us a unique perspective that helps us to better advise and guide our clients, whether they are business entities, executives or employees.
  •     International Trade Contracts
  •     International Arbitration
  •     Information Technology Law
  •     Carriage of Goods by Sea
  •     Marine Insurance
  •     Ship Registry
  •     Our experts in environmental law cover a wide range of specialist areas of knowledge.
  •     Investigation of Ownership
  •     Titling and Possession Rights
  •     Negociation & Transaction
  •     Property Sale Registration
  •     Boundary Disputes
  •     Residential Real Estate Law
  •     Commercial Real Estate Law
  •     Rental Landlord’s Problems
  •     Rental Tenant’s Problems
  •     Estate Planning
  •     Probate Law
  •     Wills and Trusts
  •     Divorce
  •     Division of Property
  •     Child Custody
  •     Personal Injury
  •     Slander, Libel & Defamation
  •     Restraint Orders
  •     Affidavit
  •     Personal Injury
  •     Slander and Libel
  •     Restraint Orders
  •     Affidavit
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